Introducing the Fire Pit- MC Preschool

Risky Play…

The process of introducing the fire pit begins early in the year. Educators intentionally explore safety rules with the children as we introduce them to the ‘Yarning Circle’ in the bush garden. This is introduced to the children as a place to come and sit, a place for conversations and storytelling.

In the lead up to introducing a real fire the children with their educators and the children have worked collaboratively to set some boundaries in place. To be safe in the yarning circle there is to be no running and no climbing on the stumps.

We have been using candles during our mindfulness time, meal times and in the fire pit. These experiences provide a foundation for the safe use of fire at preschool. Each time a candle is lit we review being safe with fire. For example, only adults’ light candles, we are always seated when candles are lit and stay seated. The candles are not for touching.

Very exciting to have our first fire in the fire pit today. The children all helped clear sticks and leaves from around the fire pit. We grouped the sticks gathered by size. We used a flint to light the fire – this is a difficult process and the children learn that only adults’ light fires. Please talk with one of the educators if you have any questions in relation to this.