A Newcastle Preschool nurturing children

Our preschool is located on the grounds of Macquarie College and caters for children in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley. We provide a caring and stimulating program encouraging children’s learning in both a nature-based and play-based environment, offering a holistic approach to education.

Our College values each child’s uniqueness and nurtures future growth by embracing the individual, acknowledging strengths and areas of interest, developing respectful interactions and positive guidance, supporting ongoing learning and inclusive programs, and promoting self-help skills, confidence, resilience and teamwork.

About us



Our program is a living, evolving, collaborative process incorporating the voices and ideas of children, families, educators, visitors, early childhood theorists, sector pedagogy and research.

We value partnerships with families and promote a positive and strong link between home and preschool, respecting and encouraging family and community input and involvement.


We provide a caring and stimulating program encouraging children’s learning in a nature-based and play-based environment, supporting individual interests and needs.

Our learning environment is designed in a way that encourages children to collaborate and explore ideas, embrace challenges and assess risks, appreciate beauty and diversity, and welcome curiosity.


Through regular and meaningful connections with Macquarie College Junior School, we assist preschoolers’ transition to school.

Our small group learning experiences focus on developing self-help skills and recognising the needs of oneself and others. We also introduce students to literacy, numeracy and science, and encourage an enthusiasm for learning.




The preschool’s educators and staff create a warm and supportive environment for our children to thrive in, always contributing to the development of their social, academic and personal wellbeing.

Louise Rak

Exceptional educators who are nurturing, highly qualified and experienced are set in a beautiful environment. I would highly recommend MC Preschool to anyone who wants the best holistic learning opportunities for their child.

Paige Smith

Our children have developed a love of learning, and a sense of self and community at Macquarie College Preschool and I highly recommend the Preschool to any parent.

Briony Armstrong