Anzac Day is an important tradition and remembrance celebration. Exploring children’s understanding of the symbols, ceremonies and stories of this day builds cultural competence and connects them to one of the ways of being Australian.

In the lead up to ANZAC day our preschoolers were able to learn through age appropriate stories and experiences. We read the story Lest we Forget and ANZAC Biscuits, which looked at the many experiences of war by comparing these to the events of a child’s own life.

The poppy and the rosemary were introduced as reminders of the bright spots of beauty that could be found among the sadness of the battlefields.

The Friday children made a beautiful poppy wreath to lay for our own simple Anzac remembrance ceremony at preschool near the school flagpoles. On Friday Mr Cox from the senior school came down to play the Last Post on his trumpet. The children stood in awe as the Last Post rang out across the playground, mesmerised as he played. Across the week we have also read the story – ANZAC Ted.