Learning Through Play

For quite a while the children have been involved in a variety of yarn crafts including lucet braiding, simple straw weaving and pom pom making. By far, the most popular has been pom pom making as it is the most accessible for our children to work with. We initially started using the pronged end of a fork but recently we have been using a device known as a pom pom maker which has made the process much easier and quicker for the children.

Working with yarn provides a number of important benefits for children. They are developing their eye/hand coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally, we discuss mathematical concepts such as length, shape, size, quantity and volume. It takes concentration and focus to complete a project, though the size of the project is tailored for each individual child.

Children have enjoyed choosing colours, sizes of their pom poms and the purpose (will it be a bracelet or a necklace?). Some children have also been inspired by the pictures in our yarn craft book to create their own tassel earrings.

Where to next? It was great to see the children think about another purpose for their pom pom/tassels. Maybe more children will be inspired to think of projects that will use their pom poms and tassels in creative ways. We have just started a collaborative project using the children’s pom pom making skills. More information will be shared as this group project begins to take shape.